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Get the most out of your Google Ads account with the SEA Health Check from AdConnector.

AdConnector offers you the chance to make even more targeted use of artificial intelligence to run your advertising campaigns and to have all the steps required for maximum successful alignment run automatically. Of course, all relevant factors, such as ad strength indicators, programmatic advertising and the associated target groups and advertising markets, are taken into account here. However, before you can efficiently display Google Ads, your Ads account must also be optimally configured.

In fact, the majority of advertisers do not meet this requirement. The consequences are, among other things, excessively high costs, low click rates or unsatisfactory conversion rates. You can rule out such setbacks with our Google Ads Check. You don’t even have to be one of our customers for full use! Why a SEA Health Check is always advisable, how it works and which checkpoints are included, read below.

Why should you also carry out an SEA Health Check?

We have already mentioned some of the main reasons why you should have a health check of your account before running Google Ads campaigns. The decisive factors here are always time and money. Even if your ads budget is not set particularly high, you will lose more money in the long run than you actually earn with ads that have a low click rate or ultimately only generate few conversions. This is of course a bit more bitter with a high complaint budget.

Of course, in such a case you can also carry out a manual check of your account yourself. Here it is important to keep an eye on numerous requirements and settings and to bring them into relation accordingly. As an inexperienced user, this costs you a lot of time. On the other hand, you run the risk of further minimizing your success and perhaps only going back to previous configurations with a lot of effort. Ultimately, after a lot of back and forth, you will still use professional services.

So if you want to quickly and easily identify unused potential in your Google Ads account, it is best to use our SEA Check immediately! This not only provides you with all the information on possible deficits, but also specific suggestions for optimization – absolutely free of charge.

How does our Ads Check work?

You can benefit from all the advantages of our Ad Health Check in just three steps! In this way, you will receive detailed information in the simplest way and directly, which will enable you to lead your campaigns to maximum efficiency and effectiveness. After the test, we will of course be happy to support you with further measures!

To start the Ads Check, first click on the corresponding menu item. Then connect your Ads account and select the appropriate account. The health check will now be carried out and shortly afterwards you will receive the full analysis.

So that the check can be carried out, you must grant our tool access rights to your account. However, no campaign settings or other changes are made to your account. You are in full control! Your individual optimization potential will be displayed to you after a few minutes.

Which checkpoints does the AdConnector SEA Health Check include?

You will receive a free, non-binding and absolutely serious analysis of your Google Ads account! In the course of this, we check your general account and campaign structures, take a look at your campaign management and ad groups and analyze your key performance indicators, i.e. costs per click, click-through rate, conversion rate and all others. In addition, the consideration of your central keywords as well as the negative keywords, the ad positions, ad texts as well as all quality factors and the ad goals are included. Landing pages are also viewed, the compatibility of your goals with the budget settings checked and the correct use of ad extensions questioned.