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How AdConnector can use programmatic advertising to make your Google Ads more effective.

Programmatic Advertising or simply Programmatic makes artificial intelligence (AI) a central component of Google Ads and all other advertising campaigns. This makes it immensely easier to implement appropriate advertising measures. Programmatic is a blessing for some and a curse for others. Advertisers such as online retailers or industrial companies can now run their own campaigns much more efficiently and effectively with Programmatic Advertising, but agencies fear that they will lose lucrative jobs. The use of AdConnector offers both self-users and digital marketing service providers various advantages that help both groups to assert themselves in their specific market in the long term! In this article you can read about what these are, what exactly Programmatic Advertising means and where its greatest benefits lie.

What is programmatic advertising?

The central intention of Programmatic Advertising is to automate ads campaigns and still run them as effectively as possible. In contrast to the classic ad marketing approach, in which positions are booked manually, programmatic advertising offers AI-controlled placement. This enables, for example, text ads, products, video clips, gifs or banners to appear in the most useful places on Google in no time at all.

The advertising spaces are individually tailored to the user or the goals of the advertiser and can take a variety of factors into account in this regard. For example, depending on the requirements, specific devices, demographic data or location information are processed according to the requirements of the advertiser. AdConnector takes over all the necessary settings for you! Among other things, our software determines the available advertising space as well as all necessary user data, creates suitable advertising media and calculates the costs of the campaigns.

Why should you definitely take advantage of the advantages of programmatic?

Programmatic advertising that is served with the help of AdConnector optimizes advertising strategies practically automatically and adapts them to appropriate target groups. With the help of Programmatic Advertising, advertisers are essentially buying “audience” rather than ad placements. This gives you the opportunity to achieve your advertising goals particularly efficiently and, at the same time, to achieve better customer loyalty. With ads that are very differentiated towards different interests or their placement on platforms that perfectly match the respective target group, viewers tend to feel particularly addressed and understood. Such content gradually creates greater awareness among potential customers, supports your own brand and, at best, the expert status and also convinces existing customers to use your services again.

Personalization is the future of marketing and programmatic advertising is one of the most profitable answers. The technology enables the effective use of data in real time and measures precisely tailored to the interests or challenges of the viewer. The result is highly relevant and less intrusive ads. Classic ads can hardly keep up with this potential. Because they are more static, they tend to have significantly less effect.

What are the specific advantages of AdConnector in terms of programmatic?

On the basis of Programmatic Advertising, our software takes over all steps of the advertisement placement for you! As a self-user, you can easily place maximum effective Google Ads, Facebook advertising measures or Amazon campaigns, for whose development you would otherwise have acquired a lot of know-how and ultimately had to invest a lot of time. Agencies also benefit from the simplicity of the system. With our program you can offer your customers very extensive services for a relatively low price and at the same time impress them with the incomparably fast processing.

Regardless of which group of users you belong to, AdConnector always offers you huge potential for time savings. The times are over when you first had to laboriously analyze advertising space and then enter into personal negotiations with the owners. An algorithm does this work for you completely. You practically only set your advertising budget. You can even leave the design of your advertising material to the AI ​​in our software! Furthermore, AdConnector automatically becomes smarter and smarter through its use. The more data that is collected, the more effectively the corresponding ads can be placed.