Google partner

AdConnector is Google Technology Partner

For some time now, Google has been offering a special partner program for independent software providers who develop outstanding applications in connection with the services of the Internet and tech giant. Up to this point, there is only a very small circle of 38 companies in Europe that are allowed to call themselves “Google Technology Partner”. AdConnector is pleased to announce today that due to our many years of innovative work in the field of AdTech, we are now part of this elite group.

While the new award is indeed a great honor for AdConnector and illustrates the segment-leading status of our solution, the partner program is also an incredibly significant move by Google. It’s another sign of the company’s commitment to investment and a strong commitment to a more user-friendly web.

The Google ecosystem gains an enormous amount of additional potential through close partnerships with significant software developers. Users around the world benefit from more options and even better services. Users of corresponding solutions – in our case, companies or agencies that want to run Google Ads highly efficiently and ultimately effectively – can specifically fall back on the product of a proven Google Partner.

For our customers, i.e. you, the Google certification is a confirmation that their budget for SEA with Google Ads via AdConnector is managed and used in a particularly beneficial way. Last but not least, Google ensures through regular reviews that the quality of our application remains at the highest level and that we are continuously committed to creating new opportunities.

Immense experience in the field of AdTech, profound expertise, competence, solid growth, a large number of customers and the constant will to innovate – this is what AdConnector is based on. These competence and value prerequisites have also convinced Google. Our solution can practically be seen as a guarantee that your advertising budget for Google Ads is really used appropriately or profitably.

The chance of a significant increase in efficiency is only one of the main reasons why ads should definitely be placed with a suitable SEA software. That AdConnector is one of the best options is impressively confirmed by the appointment as Google Tech Partner. So there can be no better argument than being ennobled by Google itself for the merit of improving its ads service.

AdConnector enables unparalleled economic ad management using artificial intelligence (AI). Perfect your ad activities in just three simple steps!

Just a few simple questions mark the start

1. Of course you know your company and the products or services you want to advertise in the Google network best. AdConnector helps you right from the start, effectively, but in the simplest – because very user-friendly – form. To get started, you don’t have to do much more than answer a few questions. These serve as a foundation for creating individual ads that are precisely tailored to your customers. Don’t worry though! The questions are kept very simple – it’s just about some facts about your company and your competitors.

Fully automatic data processing

2. In addition to the input that you have actively provided to AdConnector, a crawl of your website or e-commerce solution takes place. At this point, the system collects various information from the frontend and the backend – for example, texts, images, product descriptions, and other data that provide important facts for ad creation. Everything is automatically transferred to the cloud, where an evaluation is also carried out fully automatically and your ads and target groups are created individually and without any further action on your part. If you want, you still have the option to intervene yourself at any time.

Simple controlling

3. the AdConnector customer account forms the central control and controlling unit. Here you can get an overview of the performance of your campaigns – just as easy as the previous steps. The system optimizes the automatically created ads and target groups around the clock. You actually don’t have to do anything! Our AI does all the work for you. However, as indicated above, you can always take action yourself. If you do need individual ads, for example for a special event, the Wizard is a powerful ad creation tool.

Just like Google, you are welcome to see for yourself our uniquely efficient, highly automated and ultimately incomparably simple technology.