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Simply place Google Shopping Ads with AdConnector and reach more qualified prospects.

Shopping ads are an e-commerce-specific form of Google display advertising. Such ads can appear practically in the entire Google network, which consists of more than two million websites, apps, videos, etc. The range of optimally implemented shopping campaigns is of course enormous! In addition, such ads offer various other serious advantages. We will show them exactly in the course of this article. Unfortunately, the placement of such advertisements via the Google Merchant Center and the Ads Interface is quite complex and therefore extremely time-consuming. AdConnector helps you to make Google Shopping much more efficient and ultimately even more effective. All information on this is also available below.

What are Shopping Ads?

Shopping ad campaigns are one of the key success factors in ad marketing for every e-commerce company today. They offer the opportunity to advertise online products as well as those in stationary shops very precisely. In addition to text, they can also contain a product photo as well as a specific price, a title, the name of the company and other information. The aim is to convey the most comprehensive possible impression of a product in a compressed form and, as a result, to massively promote its sales.

In order to place a shopping ad, you must first fill the Google Merchant Center with relevant product information. This serves as a database from which Google Ads draws relevant details for the ad composition. Where and how the finished advertisements appear depends on the stored data. The latter are automatically evaluated by the search engine and put in relation to the search queries of the potential customers.

The administration takes place via Google Ads Shopping campaigns. There are basically three different types here. The basis is formed by the so-called product shopping ads, which are created exclusively using information from the Merchant Center. Showcase shopping ads also make it possible to generate product comparisons. It does this by simply manually grouping similar products. Ads with local items and offers can help you target customers to local stores. This is done using feed information from ads with local inventory.

Google calculates the costs for basic ads per click (cost per click – CPC) and for showcase and local variants according to cost per engagement. AdConnector offers you considerable support here and in all further process steps!

Why are shopping ads highly relevant for every e-commerce?

In addition to the undoubtedly potentially immense reach through the network, the greatest advantages of Google Shopping ads – in a nutshell – are the possible output together with conventional ads, their good controlling requirements and the extremely precise alignment.

With such advertisements or their skilful implementation, you can address precisely those interested parties who are most likely to need or want to own your products. The specific product information of the ads increases the likelihood that clicks will actually lead to sales and at the same time reduce wastage. It is entirely possible that shopping ads, if relevant, appear in combination with conventional text or display ads, thus increasing the reach again. In addition, Google offers meaningful reports and competition data, which you can use to keep an eye on the performance of your ads and products on the web or to carry out optimizations.

Of course, you also get all of this when using AdConnector – but much more easily and in less time!

What advantages does AdConnector offer you in combination with Google Shopping?

When implementing shopping ads, the software basically works exactly like the respective Google tools. However, AdConnector is linked to both Merchant Center and Google Ads and thus offers all configuration options in one program for which you would normally have to use two online tools. You can easily enter, maintain and update your product data via AdConnector and place advertisements directly. The time saved is enormous.

In addition, the program offers comprehensive and easy-to-use control elements with which you will not miss any important entries. This is extremely important, because the higher quality and more complete the ad content, the more relevant it is for corresponding search queries on Google.

AdConnector also ensures that you always have a detailed budget overview. The software even optimizes your ads completely automatically. With the help of its learning algorithm, it puts less profitable ads on hold so that more worthwhile ads have more budget available.